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Vervain Mill - Nevis, West Indies

Taylor's Pocket Map

Vervain Mill (1) - In Gingerland, take the road to Hickmans Village.  Landmarks to watch for are Elliott’s Funeral Parlor just south toward Gingerland Center.  Hickmans road is between Fothergills Nevisian Heritage Village and a bright coral colored house. 

Golden Rock Estate (2) - Enjoy lunch with a beautiful view in the gazebo or on their new terrace restaurant.  We recommend the lobster sandwiches.  Dinners are also good, although a bit pricey.

Nature Hikes Start at Golden Rock (2) - This is the starting place for a nature walk (usually good monkey spotting) and a walk to The Source.  These can be done without guides - stop at Golden Rock for maps.

Hike to Nevis Peak (2) - This is for advanced hikers and requires a guide. 

BestBuy (3) - Our closest grocery store.  They are well stocked and open 7 days/week.

White Bay Beach (4) - We call this “our beach” on the windward side.  Take Hanley’s Road in Gingerland (watch the big bump by the parish church) to the bottom of the hill.  Turn left at the intersection in the fields, and go past the racetrack.  You will end up on the sand.  Play cautiously if there is big surf, as there may be undertow. 

Old Manor Estate (5) - This once thriving hotel/restaurant (now closed) has beautiful grounds and sugar making ruins.  You’re welcome to walk around.

Plant-Tastic Produce (6) - This roadside stand with awning over and refrigerated container behind has very nice local produce. 

Hermitage Plantation (7) - Beautiful old plantation.  We enjoy breakfast or Sunday brunch and a walk around the grounds.  Good to call first and ask for a table.  Dinners are very nice and on the pricey side.

Botanical Gardens (8) - Go toward Montpelier Estate, then follow signs.  A nice spot for lunch, tour of grounds, and trip to the gift shop.

Montpelier Estate (9) - Very good restaurant (pricey), highly recommended by Vervain guests, and beautiful grounds.  This is where Princess Diana and the boys stayed when they visited.

Sherma's Produce Stand (10)- Another favorite. Look for a small green building with nursery next to it at a big bend in the road at Morningstar.

Charlestown - Charlestown is a working town with banks, drug stores, little stores and restaurants, only a few boutiques, and the public market.

SuperFoods (11) - Nice small store with a good wine selection and pastry shop.  They may have nice local lettuce.

Star Charters (12) - Steve and Irene Macek take snorkeling excursions to St. Kitts on their sail boat.  See  for more information.

 The Public Market (13) - Fresh produce at this open air market daily except Sunday.  Busiest days are Saturday and the day the fruit boat arrives.

Museum of Nevis History (14) - Museum on the waterfront in the Hamilton House is run by the Nevis Conservation and Historical Society.  Good selection of books and cards.

Sunshine’s (15) - Sunshine’s is an island icon.  Very casual beach restaurant with grilled lobster and their signature “Killer Bee” rum drink.

The Four Seasons Resort (16) - Golf and tennis and restaurants are open to non-guests much (but not all) of the year.

Mango (17) - This restaurant, accessed by a drive to the north of The Four Seasons, is operated by the hotel on a beautiful site.  The food is wonderful.  The views at lunch are wonderful.  Also a nice place to start a walk down Pinney’s Beach.

Beach at Ft. Ashby (18) - This is hard to get into, but walk to the right of the fort and you’ll arrive on a beautiful stretch of beach.

Gallipot (19) -  Very nice assortment of British, West Indian, and seafood.  Casual atmosphere.  Open Thurs-Fri-Sat. 

Oualie Beach (20) - Fishing excursions begin here.  Casual restaurant on the beach.

Bananas (21) - Now located on Government Road, this is an atmospheric restaurant with very nice food and an upbeat staff.  We try to go once for a treat during our stays.

Chrishi Beach and Restaurant (22) - This clean, open restaurant has a nice view, good menu, and you’re welcome to swim and rinse off.

Sea Bridge (23) - Take your car on the ferry to St. Kitts for a day. If you have the urge for activity and shopping, there’s more on St. Kitts.  Otherwise, just stay and relax on Nevis!

Cottle Church (24) - Beautiful ruins of an 1824 church, and a pleasant walk.

Mount Nevis Hotel (25) - Beautiful views and very nice restaurant.  Call ahead for a table.

Newcastle Pottery (26) - Motto is “Clay aint‘ dirt.”  Hand made pottery is fired over a coconut husk fire.  Our outdoor light covers were made here.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club (27) - Their beach bar is one of our favorite places for lunch and a swim.  Great Thursday evening fish buffet with rum punches and live music.  Call for reservations.  Taxi is a good idea after the rum punches.

Herbert’s Beach (28) - A short beach walk or drive from Nisbet Plantation.  Nice place for a swim and, if you’re brave enough, to “walk the plank.”

New River and Coconut Walk Estates (29)- Beautiful ruins of wind-powered and steam-powered mills.  Walk to the arched lime kiln on the shore.  This is a magical place - best to go in the morning and be sure to take your water bottles. 

Turtle Beach Restaurant (30) - A new favorite. Casual, on Pinney's Beach with wonderful views, comfortable atmosphere, good food and service.

Phone Numbers:

Vervain Mill

Barry’s Taxi

Albern Car Rentals

Kay Loomis

Stedroy Dore Taxi


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